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Plastic Molding

-- We have professional team to provide qualified moulds and one-stop service, including design, mould making and injection molding;
-- 20 Injection machines with automatic production can ensure output and in-time delivery;
-- we have working expertise in a wide range of resins and materials. But perhaps even more importantly, we have experts who can assist you in selecting the material which will work best in your application. Strength, hardness, rigidity/flexural properties, static dissipation and perhaps the most important factor– cost…we’ll assist you every step of the way;
-- Below is a list of some of the plastics we routinely process :Polystyrene–high impact, Polyethylene–(LDPE, HDPE), PVC–rigid/flexible, Polypropylene, ABS, Nylon, Acrylic, CAB/butyrate, Polycarbonate;
-- Surface finishing: painting, silkscreen, pad printing;
-- Assembly: detailed working instructions and quality control documents for each project are produced.